Bobby Cole

Major Works

  • The Rented Mule (2014)

    Bobby Cole, Photo by N. Jacobs, 2013

    Bobby Cole, Photo by N. Jacobs, 2013

  • Moon Underfoot (2013)
  • The Dummy Line (2008)

Biography of Bobby Cole

Born William Robert Cole, Jr., in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1964, writer Bobby Cole now lives in West Point, Mississippi, where he is President of Mossy Oak® BioLogic®. He and his wife Melissa are the parents of a daughter named Jessi. Cole is an avid wildlife manager, hunter, and supporter of the Catch-A-Dream™ Foundation (a program for terminally-ill children). He began writing his first book, The Dummy Line, after a camping experience with his daughter, and he now regularly enjoys writing in his free time.

The Dummy Line was published by Context Publishing in February, 2008. It is currently in its second printing and is being considered by a major publishing company for reprinting. His second novel, Moon Underfoot, has the same protagonist as his first, a man named Jake Crosby. The novel is a riveting follow-up to Cole’s heart-stopping thriller The Dummy Line and explores the perils of revenge…and the profound power of a husband and father’s love.

His third novel, Rented Mule, published in March of 2014,  is a stand alone novel with all new characters and setting.

Interview with Bobby Cole 2013

Bobby Cole signing books at the West Point Public Library by Nancy Jacobs

Bobby Cole signing books at the West Point Public Library by Nancy Jacobs

1.  When and where were you born?  What were your parents’ names?

Montgomery Alabama, 1964. My parents are Bob and Peggy Cole.

2.  Where did you go to school?  What were your favorite subjects?  Did you go to college, and if so, where? 

The Rented MuleI went to Trinity Presbyterian School, then Auburn University at Montgomery

3. How did you meet your wife?  Do you have children? 

I met my wife at  a bank.  She worked there, and I was a customer. We have one daughter–Jessi.

4.  Who is your favorite author?

It’s a tie between Greg Isles and John Grisham.

5.  What project are you working on right now?

I am now editing my third story. The working title is Rented Mule and will be a totally new story with new characters.

6.  What made you decide to become a writer?  Do you write full-time? 

I just thought I had a good story to tell in The Dummy Line…I wanted to try it. I am not a full-time writer. I write on weekends and late nights when I feel inspired. The last thing I want to do is make it be work. Right now it’s fun.

7.  In what ways do you use your life experiences to influence your writing? 

There is no doubt I pull from what I have experienced or have heard about to set up scenarios or story lines. I think everybody must in some way shape or form.

8.  Has living in Mississippi influenced your writing? 

I think so…it’s made me aware of writers and the craft of writing for sure. Mississippians love to read, love stories, and are incredibly supportive of anyone who is trying to write.

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Summary of The Dummy Line from the publisher (Context Publishing)

The Dummy Line by Bobby Cole is an action-packed suspenseful novel that will keep readers on the edges of their seats and quite possibly out of the woods at night. Jake Crosby, a troubled stockbroker, has planned a weekend escape at his hunting camp with his nine-year-old daughter, Katy. In the middle of the night, a gang of redneck drug dealers attempt to break into the remote camp. The gang’s display of heinous intentions toward Jake and Katy causes Jake to make gut-wrenching decisions. Running for their lives, Jake and Katy take the only escape route available which leads them deep into Alabama’s Noxubee River swamp. Crazed with blood lust and demanding immediate vengeance for their own, the frenzied gang anticipates Jake’s desperate moves as they stalk them throughout the night.

Jake’s choices put into motion a sequence of events that

The Dummy Line by Bobby Cole

The Dummy Line by Bobby Cole

threatens everyone associated with him, and an unwitting young couple who happen to be in the wrong place at the worst possible time.

One reader, Randall Wallace (New York Times® Bestseller and writer-director-producer of Braveheart, Pearl Harbor, We Were Soldiers, Man in the Iron Mask) said about the book, “Good novels grow out of a writer’s rich imagination and love for his subject, and Bobby Cole shows both in The Dummy Line. A walk through the woods will never be the same again.”

Will Primos, founder of Primos® Hunting Calls, said “Wow! What a book! I couldn’t put it down. My heart raced as every emotion ran through me as the main character dealt with one crisis after another—situations we hope and pray we never encounter with our loved ones. This is definitely not a book for the tree stand. You won’t notice anything going on around you—including that big deer of a lifetime!”

Multiple #1 New York Times® Bestseller, Jill Conner Browne (Sweet Potato Queen), says, Bobby Cole weaves just the right amount of humor into a thrilling story that otherwise would be way too scary for me to read. The Dummy Line single-handedly eliminates the threat of hunting camps being taken over by women and children.” Her husband, Kyle Jennings, Context Publishing Company’s publisher said, “Bobby Cole’s story deftly taps into the reader’s base fears and instincts while revealing the defining moments in one’s own character development. The Dummy Line is a fine piece of storytelling, and I’m proud to be associated with it and Mr. Cole.”

Author Cole says, “Most of us that have been to a remote camp, hunting or fishing, probably have gotten a little spooked at night. The Dummy Line takes those emotions and twists them around a dangerous, worst-case scenario that could easily happen to any of us. Throw in the drama of having a young child involved and you’ve got a powerful story that grabs you. I had a ball writing it, and I know that I’ll never leave my camp doors unlocked again!”

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